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GWB activation problem in Win10


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I recently moved GWB Standard 11 from Win8 to Win10 Enterprise (version 10.0.17134 Build 17134) by deactivating in Win8 and then activating in Win10, and then I have experienced a problem. Every time I started GWB  main GUI, all modules were disabled showing grey color. Then I clicked Activate GWB in Support, it responded extremely slow, typically taking 10+ min to open and once it was opened, it showed 'not activated'. But, I did not deactivate it every time I finished using GWB. What is more interesting is that, once the activation window was opened showing 'not activated' all the modules could be used as usual without clicking 'Activate'. And once I closed the activation window and opened it again it showed 'Activated'. How this issue can be solved?

Many thanks.

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