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TMAH as basis in Spec8

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Guest Melika Sharifi


Each thermo dataset in the GWB has a set of basis species, redox species, aqueous species, minerals, oxides, and gases; you can load each into any GWB app using File--> Open--> Thermo Data... . In SpecE8 or any other apps in the GWB software, only basis species of the loaded thermo dataset are directly available on the pulldown list. You can alter the basis species to reflect the geochemical constraints in your system by clicking the pulldown next to the species and choosing the aqueous species of your interest.

If you can not find the aqueous species of your interest in the database and are interested in adding new aqueous species/reactions along with their log Ks to each thermo dataset, you can use TEdit program which is a thermo data editor. Sections 9.2.3 and 9.2.4 in the GWB Essentials Guide describe how to add reactions to your thermo dataset using TEdit.

Hope this helps.



Melika Sharifi

Aqueous Solutions LLC

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