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Script for X2t


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I have been working on an X2t model and would like to add a script to an aqueous species in the reactants pane. I am using a recirculating well (located in the last node) to re-inject solution into the first node. Is there a command to reference an aqueous species concentration in the recirculating fluid at the end of each time step? More specifically, I am trying to determine a species concentration of the recirculating fluid at each time step and then adjust to a desired concentration for the start of the next time step. I do not want to fix the activity of the species since I am allowing for reactions along the flow path. Conceptually, I'm interested in mineral dissolution by an acid in a closed loop column with small additions of acid to maintain a constant starting acid concentration.

Thank you!



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Hi Erik,

For something this complex, it sounds like you might be better off using ChemPlugin to construct your own reactive transport code, rather than trying to fit your needs to X2t’s capabilities. With a client program that you write to solve the flow problem, you can use ChemPlugin instances to solve the chemical reactions. Your client has fine-grained control over ChemPlugin’s time marching loop, and you’re able to retrieve results and set up sophisticated simulations without too much effort on your part.

Hope this helps,

Brian Farrell
Aqueous Solutions LLC

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