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I am attempting to retrieve results in ChemPlugin using the command

my_result = (cp[nx - 1].Report1("concentration elements fluid", "moles"))

Is there a way to point to a specific element (scaler value)  using a variation of this command line?

i.e.     my_result = (cp[nx - 1].Report1("concentration elements fluid Cu", "moles"))




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Guest Melika Sharifi

Hi Erik,

You'll have to type: my_result = (cp[nx - 1].Report("concentration elements fluid Cupper", "moles")).


Melika Sharifi

Aqueous Solutions LLC

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Looking at the output text now, it makes sense to spell out the element since it is printed as such. Most of the literature provides examples of aqueous solutions (H+, Fe++) and I was just using Cu and Fe as the element name. Thank you for clarifying the syntax.



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