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How to export text file from TEdit (edit thermo data)?

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Hi Polly, 

I’m not exactly sure what you mean, but I’ll take a shot. The GWB has easy-to-use graphical interfaces for interactively entering information or commands, viewing the current settings, saving files, running calculations, or launching plots. When you save a thermo dataset that you’ve modified in TEdit, for example, you create a .tdat file. When you save a model you’ve created in React, your script is saved as a .rea file. 

You can also prepare input files directly in a text editor. If you’re making or editing a thermo dataset, you supply the data according to the format described in the Thermo Datasets chapter of the GWB Reference Manual. If you’re making a React input file, you supply commands using the syntax in the GWB Command Reference. When you save the file, simply change the “Save as type” from “Text Document (*.txt)” to “All Files (*.*)”, then type the appropriate extension in the File name (e.g. .tdat or .rea). That way, it can be identified by the appropriate GWB app. 

Any GWB input file can be read in the app (e.g. TEdit or React) or in a text editor (e.g. Notepad). Double-clicking on a file will open the app, but you can right-click on the file and use the “Open with” or perhaps “Edit with” option to view the files in your text editor of choice, if that’s what you prefer. You might want to use features like Find, Find and replace, Go to line #, etc. that exist in some text editors but are not yet coded into TEdit. Or, you might find it’s useful to see the entire React configuration in a few lines of commands, for example, rather than looking through the settings on multiple panes and dialogs.

Hope this helps,

Brian Farrell
Aqueous Solutions LLC

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Hi Polly,

You're correct, I did misunderstand your question. Thank you for attaching the file. This is a phreeqc dataset. The GWB does not read phreeqc datasets, and phreeqc does not read GWB datasets. If you want to copy some information from one dataset to another, you'll have to format it as expected by the appropriate program.



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