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[OLD] Input of new data

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From: Andy Wilde


I'm attempting to add data for stilpnomelane to the database. When trying to read the new file I get the message: reaction mass imbalance by -2. I have checked the reaction stoichiometry and formatting (see below) but cannot work out the error. The offending data (minus formatting):

Stilpnomelane type=

formula= K.625Fe6AlSi8O21(OH)5.625:1.5H2O

mole vol.= 375.390 cc mole wt.= 1071.8606 g

6 species in reaction

-15.6250 H+ 0.6250 K+ 6.0000 Fe++

8.0000 SiO2(aq) 1.0000 Al+++ 12.1250 H2O

99.9999 99.9999 99.9999 99.9999

99.9999 99.9999 99.9999 99.9999

* gflag = 1 [reported delG0f used]

* reference-state data source: 89Miy/Kle

* delG0f =

* delH0f = -2736865 cal/mol

* S0PrTr = 215.7 cal/deg/mol

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