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[OLD] EQ3/6-GWB database

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From: Paul Foellbach

Subject: EQ3/6-GWB database

I would like to use a 200 bar file of EQ3/6 with GWB. How can I convert an EQ 3/6 database to the format of a GWB database ?


From: Robert C Lee

Subject: Re: EQ3/6-GWB database

Paul, converting the EQ3/6 database requires:

1) re-writing the reactions to the basis set of GWB.

2) reformatting the info to the GWB thermo-file format.

This functionality is something we are working on for T-Rex (the Geochem Thermo Archive) - but it's all still in alpha stage while we nail down the specifics of the XML definition for thermo data.

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  • 18 years later...

For anyone who comes across this old post, in GWB 2023 the TEdit app can be used to import any EQ3/6 dataset to GWB format. And conversely, GWB datasets using the b-dot and h-m-w models can be exported to EQ3/6 format. For more information, please see 9.3.2 Importing EQ3/6 datasets and 9.3.3 Exporting EQ3/6 datasets in the GWB Essentials Guide.


Brian Farrell
Aqueous Solutions

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