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[OLD] Database Reading Problems

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From: Laurence C Hull

Subject: Database Reading Problems

I have created a new database, and am having some problems reading it. The programs RXN and ACT2 read the database just fine and work with it. However, when I attempt to read the same data base in with REACT, I get an error message:

"React stop: read_data: lost reaction entry"

Some additional information about the data base - It has 2285 aqueous species, minerals, and gases There are three alternate basis species which are not redox couples (which now gives a warning in version 3.0.3). Any information on the differences in the input requirements between the different programs that could be causing this problem?


From: Craig Bethke

Subject: Re: Database Reading Problems

The various GWB programs use the thermo data in different ways, so it is possible for one program to accept a dataset that another rejects. React is the most demanding of the programs in this sense. In this case, the problem is likely that an entry in the reaction to form one of the redox species is not a basis species (it may itself be one of the redox species). You should be able to track this down without too much trouble.

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