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[OLD] Evaporating a fluid


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From: Megan Elwood Madden

Subject: Evaporating a fluid

I'm trying to react a dilute water composition with basalt and then evaporate the resulting fluid to make a brine I can re-react with the basalt. I've managed the initial basalt-water reaction, but I do not know how to evaporate the resulting fluid. I would like to evaporate the fluid so that not only is it more concentrated but also precipitates any saturated phases. Can anyone give me any suggestions?


From: Don L. Shettel

Subject: Re: Evaporating a fluid

There is an example of this in the Users Guide (under React). Basically, use command >react -X.X g H2O (where X is desired degree of evaporation, -999.9 g is almost complete evaporation). Default is for flow-through reaction, so that precipitated minerals will not back react.


From: Mark J. Logsdon

Subject: Re: Evaporating a fluid

Further to Don's note: As you run the "evaporation", you will want to think a bit about how you want to manage activities. If you are interested primarily in major species, you may want to operate under one of the available virial databases (e.g., PHRQPITZ). If you need to consider a range of trace species, the database problem will be much more difficult. See also Chapter 18 (pp. 261 ff) in the "Green Book".

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