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[OLD] Using React to Model Lime Treatment of Acid Mine Drain


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From: Bart Conroy

Subject: Using React to Model Lime Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage

We have been using React to model chemical treatment of acid mine drainage. Typically we evaluate lime addition to predict chemical consumption requirements and predict treated water quality. We have used several different water qualities and sometimes get the following message and then the run does not converge:

Residuals too large, 666-iteration,

Largest Residual


Resid/Total mol C basis

Cl- 0.0005155 1.677 e+200 2.985e204

Is there any troubleshooting guide to determine the problem or way to make the run converge?


From: Michael Kluck

Subject: Re: Using React to Model Lime Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage

Try telling it to balance on another primary anion or cation (the default is chloride). Sodium works well for seawater and is likely applicable to your scenario as well. The command is "Balance on Na+".

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