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[OLD] User's Guide Questions


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From: Dick Glanzman

Subject: User's Guide Questions

I am new to the users group so these questions may be redundant, if so I apologize.

1. Basin2 Hydrologic Model is mentioned as a “basin2� React Command but I do not see any other text where this is addressed in either the manual or the book. What is the command do in React? Is there a reference that describes the application of this command?

2. “precip� and “no-precip� commands in React have the same definition in the manual. Perhaps one of them is incorrect?


From: Craig Bethke

Subject: Re: User's Guide Questions

The “basin2� command causes React to write information that the Basin2 hydrologic model can use. Basin2 is a separate software package. USGS has a site license for it, so you can get a copy from your consortium contact. The “precip� and “no-precip� commands are identical, except that the sense of the “on� and “off� operands is reversed. In other words, the commands “precip = off� and “no-precip� give the same result, as does “precip� and “no-precip = off�.

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