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[OLD] Modeling consumption of oxygen


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From: Mike Turner

Subject: modeling consumption of oxygen

I want to model the consumption of oxygen from oxygenated seawater (by both mineralogical and microbiological buffering) between a water injector and production well pair (essentially to see if oxygen will be consumed and if/when it breaks through to the producer).I really need to use gwb because of the microbiological kinetics function but I don't believe it has a reaction transport function. I seem to remember a few years ago there was talk that x1t and x2t (relative transport codes) may be made commercially available. My questions are:

Are x1t or x2t available on license - if so, do they include the microbiological function. If x1t or x2t are not available, is it possible to solve reactive transport-type problems by using the kinetic rate law functions in react and reacting iteratively with a volume of rock over a period of time dictated by the injection velocity (allowing for radial flow) (accepting this may be much more laborious).

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