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[OLD] wt.% oxide


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From: Andy Wilde

Subject: wt% oxide

I am trying to simulate an interaction of a hot brine with a pelitic meta-sediment. The software is React 4.0.1 The plot shows the wt% of elements in the rock with increasing fluid throughput. As you can see the totals far exceed 100%.

From: Craig Bethke

Subject: Re: wt% oxide

When in Gtplot you choose concentration units (ug/kg, mg/kg, g/kg, wt%), you are plotting mass of something per unit mass of aqueous solution. This holds whether the “something� is dissolved, sorbed, or precipitated. So looking at this plot, you might reasonably expect wt% to represent mass fraction in the rock (since you cannot see that the pulldown list from which the creator chose the unit for the y axis), it is simply a plot in concentration units.

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