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[OLD] Emulating GWB on MAC

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From: Robert A. Zierenberg

Subject: Emulating GWB on MAC

I recognize the GWB does not support Macs, but I understand there are folks out there running GWB using Virtual PC. I have tried to load GWB on my G4-Ti laptop using OS 9.2 and versions 5.0 and 6.0 of Virtual PC. The program appears to load in the emulated Windows 2000 PC, but no files appear. Comparing this installation to that on a real PC shows that after the installation module that deals with the HASP runs, the confirmation and dialog boxes that we see on a real PC don't show up on the Virtual PC, so I expect the problem is lies in this part of the installation. I would greatly appreciate any advice on how to proceed with installing GWB on a Mac (and any other advice about pitfalls of using Virtual PC to run GWB from those who have attempted this route). I apologize for sending this to the list if the answers are in the archived messages, but I was unable to access that site.

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