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[OLD] Problems with version 4.0.3


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From: Larry Hull

Subject: Problems with version 4.0.3

I run GWB on a 2 Ghz Dell PC with Windows XP Professional GWB version 4.0.3 I am having two intermittent problems with GWB.

1) In previous versions, the command - line interface was always very quick. In this version, the command line prompt sometimes goes to sleep after a couple of input lines. The program continues to run and I can use the GUI to enter data. However, if I use the command line interface, after I hit enter, nothing happens. Anybody else having trouble with the command line interface being very slow or stopping while the GUI interface continues to work?

2) When drawing diagrams in act, I can draw one diagram, but if I attempt to draw a second diagram with slightly altered parameters, I sometimes get the message "Water is not stable in this region" however, if I go back to the system just drawn, I get the same message "water is not stable". (and the systems I am drawing are in the water stability region). If I do the second drawing first, it works indicating that the message was not right in the first place. I have completely uninstalled GWB and reinstalled from scratch. That was not help at all.


From: Craig Bethke

Subject: Re: Problems with version 4.0.3

We have not seen or heard of either of these problems, but want to make sure that it is not our software at fault.

W/r to (1), in which of the GWB programs does it occur? Is there any pattern (specific commands typed in the command pane, for example) that seems to trigger the behavior? The next time it happens, please email us your history list: go to C:Documents and Settings<username>Application DataGWB and send us the appropriate file (e.g., react_history.dat). W/r to (2), can you send us a script that demonstrates the issue? Again, next time you see the behavior, send us your history file. Unfortunately, intermittent problems can be difficult to track down. The majority of cases in which multiple unusual problems are reported turn out to be software conflicts, hardware issues, or viruses on the user's computer, but we will try to locate any faults in the GWB apps that might explain what you see.

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