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[OLD] Batch process crashing


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From: Braden

Subject: Batch Process Crashing

I am currently working on a project where I am using react to speciate numerous water samples. I have written a react script that inputs the data, runs react, and renames the react_output.txt files so they are not overwritten. My PROBLEM is that when react has processed 508 files, it crashes. This happens for any batch file I have made with more than 508 separate runs. The error messages state "could not open react_plot.gtp file. (do you have permission to write in this directory?)", "Could not open react_output.txt.(do you have permission to write in this directory?)", and then "can't find file C:program filesgwbgtdatathermodata.dat. ok to list files?". This file is "not found" even when you browse to it and select it from the list. Then when you select quit (since you can't select a thermo data file, the resume_react files are not found and the application (Gwb) crashes with an application error. Any ideas?

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