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[OLD] ph Calculation


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From: Enrique Portugal Mari­n

Subject: ph-Calculation

I am just starting to use gwb to applied to geochemical modeling to be used in geohtermometry of hot spring developed in igneous rocks. I followed the example in Bethke's book, but instead swap CO2 for HCO3- I used HCO3- data. I noticed that gwb pH calculation is based on CO2 to give bicarbonate and H+. Can gwb make a pH calculation more rigorously that involve pH-dependent ions like SiO2 (H2SiO4), NH4+ etc ?


From: Craig Bethke

Subject: Re: ph-Calculation

Yes, you can use any pair of species that form a protonation reaction to constrain pH. Just add or swap each into the basis, and then for each constrain concentration, activity, or fugacity.

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