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[OLD] Question regarding flush option


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From: Andy Wilde

Subject: Question regarding flush option

I am attempting to simulate the interaction of fluid with rock using the flush option. As I understand it the flush option takes an increment of input fluid and displaces an equal mass of "pore" fluid. It would seem logical to me that when you plot calculated porosity versus reaction progress it should remain more or less constant (with minor changes due to wall-rock reaction) and that if you plot total fluid mass in the system as a function of reaction progress it too should remain more or less constant (providing that massive hydration of the rock is not occurring etc). Yet when I plot these parameters it would seem that the total mass of fluid including that "displaced" during flushing is plotted. The related porosity value is therefore totally meaningless. See attached plots. I would like confirmation that this is indeed the case, but more to the point the logic for doing it this way!


From: Craig Bethke

Subject: Re: Question regarding flush option

I ran the input file you provide with several versions of React (please remember to specify the version you are running when posting an inquiry), and the program seems to be working correctly: both porosity and solution mass remain approximately constant, as they should. The plots you attach, however, don't seem to be of the results of running this input file. Perhaps you are plotting the results of a different run, looking at an old React_plot.gtp file, or modeling and plotting in a different working directories?

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