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[OLD] Odd model results


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From: Andy Wilde

Subject: Odd model results

I am attempting to simulate the formation of copper ores in shale at 250C, from a relatively reduced brine. The input file is attached. I am using GWB 4.0.2 and Win 98. The input gives what appears to be reasonable results except for a major "glitch" early in the reaction path for stage 2 - the FLUSH step. There is a major fluctuation in the system marked by massive drop in the mass of solution present, increase in mCl- and order of magnitude shift in pH. I have not been able to pinpoint the cause of this glitch, and your help would be much appreciated. Also attached the thermodynamic data (from the UNITHERM compilation, at 500 bars) and the graphical output of the run.


From: Craig Bethke

Subject: Re: Odd model results

In your run, the system contains a large amount of minerals (about 30 kg) and a small mass of fluid (about 2/3 kg). As the minerals react, the amount of water consumed and liberated can be large compared to the amount in the fluid. For example, the hydration reaction to produce chlorite consumes a significant fraction of the fluid present, leading to the results you observe.

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