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[OLD] Tables and Data Precision


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From: Donna Cosgrove

Subject: Tables and Data Precision

I have two GWB questions.

1) Is there a way to direct specific output variables to the output tables? The manual and help files refer to Table3 through Table6, but I have not found a way to direct specific output to those tables.

2) Is there a way to increase the precision on output variables? I am integrating GWB with a parameter estimation code which requires higher data precision.

From: Craig Bethke

Subject: Re: Tables and Data Precision

The React "tables" option is a very old feature that exists primarily because nobody has removed it. There is no provision for controlling the variables in the tables, nor their units or number of significant digits. The functionality of the tables has been replaced by Gtplot's "data table" feature (File -> Save Image... -> Data table), which allows you to interactively control which variables appear in the table, their units, and so on. My guess from the second part of your question, though, is that you are looking for direct output from React, without interactive configuration, so you can run the program directly from your parameter estimation code. This will be easy to do in GWB Release 5, which will include a "remote control" feature especially for uses like this. But that won't be released for a few months or so. In the current release, it seems to me your primary options are to filter the information you need from the React_output.txt or React_plot.dat datasets. If you use the latter, you can get any value at near-machine precision. In this case, it's easiest to do the filtering if you specify output to an ASCII rather than binary format dataset. I think there are some GWB users who have written various filters for retrieving values from React_plot.txt. If you don't want to start from scratch, you might post a request to the users' group.

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