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[OLD] Thermo data for Melanterite

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From: Mark J. Logsdon

Subject: GWB: Thermo data for Melanterite

For an evaluation of uncertainty in low-T modeling, we are trying to track variations in published values of log K {as f(T)} back through the underlying functions in different sources, for reaction:

FeSO4.7H2O = Fe2+ + SO42- + 7 H2O

Values of log K compiled by our group from different sources and different styles of computation range over orders of magnitude. For the current databases thermo.com and thermo.com.v8.r6.full in GWB, the compilations do not provide delta Go,f and delta Ho,f values. I understand why not, of course, but I wonder if anyone who is familiar with these databases can provide the relevant data (with citations to the original source, if possible):


delta Go,f (298.15)

delta Ho,f (298.15)


Fe++ (aq)

SO4-- (aq)


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