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[OLD] Ksp for Crocoite

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From: Allan Treiman

Subject: Ksp for Crocoite?

Could you help me track down the solubility product for Crocoite, PbCrO4. This ought to be easy, but---

1. The 1986 thermo0.com data base gives log(Ksp) = -12.73 while the newer thermoRev7b gives log(Ksp) -12.087. Both databases refer to the same paper for these numbers.

2. Literature values range from log(Ksp) = -13.66 through -12.19 (and even higher in older literature).

3. Several sources on the web give a value of log(Ksp) = -13.75, e.g., Ksp = 1.77E-14, but without a citation.

Can anyone please 1) refer me to the source of the -13.75 value, and/or 2) aim me at a critical review of the thermochem of PbCrO4?

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