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[OLD] Cobaltite and the Ni-Co-Fe-As-S system

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From: Mark J. Logsdon

Subject: Cobaltite

Colleagues working on a mining-related problem have asked me to help locate thermo data (with enough pedigree that one can sort out what they mean) for cobaltite. I appreciate (though probably not enough) that there are solid-solution issues in the Fe-Co-As-S system, so any guidance that anyone may have about how all this might be handled would be great. Any leads or suggestions would be most welcome.


From: Dave Quirt

Subject: Ni-Co-Fe-As-S system, tourmaline, and crandallite

This request from Mark Logsdon has reminded me that I also need thermo data in several areas:

(1) for the Ni-Co-Fe-As-S system (gersdorffite, rammelsbergite, safflorite, cobaltite, niccolite, etc.), particularly in the 150 to 250 deg C region,

(2) for tourmaline-group minerals (specifically dravite),

(3) for crandallite-group minerals (specifically goyazite).

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