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How do I convert excel data to GSS spreadsheet that is supported by GWB?


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Hi Lufuno,

I recommend following the steps in the tutorial "How do I transfer my data from Excel to GSS" under "Geochemical spreadsheet" on https://www.gwb.com/tutorials.php. Basically, transpose the datasheet, add analytes in the order of your Excel file with appropriate units, then paste the interior data cells all at once.

Note, the program can use a "carbonate alkalinity", not a total alkalinity. If carbonate species don't dominate the fluid's total alkalinity, you may want to try using a reaction model to reproduce the original titration determination as a way to solve for the HCO3- component concentration. For more information, please see section 16.1, Buffers in Solution, in the Geochemical and Biogeochemical Reaction Modeling text, third edition.

You'll have to make a choice about some of the redox-active components, like whether to use Fe++ vs. Fe+++. For more information, see 2.4 Redox couples and 7.3 Redox disequilibrium in the GWB Essentials Guide.


Brian Farrell
Aqueous Solutions

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