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[OLD] Unitherm


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From: Paul Barton

Subject: Unitherm

In the recent GCA issue dedicated to Hal Helgeson there is a nice looking treatment of aluminum chemistry by Tagirov and Schott; it would seem to succeed the Pokrovski and Helgeson treatment and is much more comprehensive. Among the references cited by T & S is a data base called "UNITHERM" in a publication titled "HCh: A software package for geochemical equilibrium modeling. A user's guide" by Shavrov and Bastrakov (1999) and issued by the Australian Geological Survey, Department of Industry, Science and Resources. The items perking my interest are data for silicon fluoride species. The reference is strange to me, and it has eluded a cursory exploration of the web. I would like to learn what else the database holds, from whence the data arise, and whether it is proprietary.

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