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[OLD] Thermodynamic data for aqueous Ti species

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From: John C. Ayers

Subject: Thermodynamic data for aqueous Ti species

I need a number for a project my class is working on. We are trying to add aqueous Ti species to the thermo.com.v8.r6+.dat database; we are using the appendix from Leturcq et al. (2001) that includes data for aqueous Ti species from Phillips et al. (1988); however, we noticed that information is

missing for the species Ti(OH)+++. If anyone has the Phillips paper (reference below; our library doesn't have it) could you please email to us the standard state Gibbs free energy of formation of TiOH+++?


Leturcq, G., Advocat, T., Hart, K., Berger, G., Lacombe, J., and Bonnetier, A. (2001) Solubility study of Ti,Zr-based ceramics designed to immobilize long-lived radionuclides. American Mineralogist, 86(7/8), 871-880.


Phillips, S.L., Hale, F.V., Silvester, L.F., and Siegel, M.D. (1988) Thermodynamic tables for nuclear waste isolation, an aqueous solutions database. vol 1, 181 p. Report NUREG/CR-4864, LBL-22860, SAND87-0323, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, California.

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