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[OLD] Graphical output editing


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From: Wang Lian

Subject: graphical output editing

Is there a way to:

(1) edit the footnote in graphical output of act2 and gtplot (react)?. The footnote is below the right end of x-axis with name and date.

(2) in Tact, to plot temperature T© as x-axis?


From: Craig Bethke

Subject: Re: graphical output editing

To edit the output of the graphics programs, copy the plot to the clipboard and paste it into a illustration program such as PowerPoint, Canvas, or Adobe Illustrator (the latter is probably the best choice), and then edit it as you would any vector graphic. Alternatively, save the image in any of the formats the GWB supports and import it to the illustration program. For the best quality plot, use the EPS format with a program that can import EPS figures as editable images (PowerPoint cannot).

To make a Tact plot with T along x, import the image, rotate it 90 degrees, then flip about the horizontal (you will of course need to touch up the labeling).

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