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[OLD] Mosaic diagrams in act2


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From: Garry Davidson

Subject: mosaic diagrams in act2

Has anyone any hints on how to plot phases that require full speciation of two elements, using the MOSAIC aspect of act2? An example of a mineral that requires this is siderite...requiring speciation of S and C.

From: Craig Bethke

Subject: Re: mosaic diagrams in act2

There is nothing magic about a mosaic diagram: you can assemble one simply by calculating diagrams for the various ligand species you wish to consider, trimming each diagram to the limits for its ligand species, and assembling the "tiles". You could you this with scissors and tape, but more likely you'd just use an illustration program. For the example you cite, calculate a diagram for iron, speciating sulfur over x-y and carbonate over x. Calculate a second diagram as before, but replace the carbonate with methane (no need to speciate). Clip off the portion of the second diagram above the methane-carbonate bounds and paste what's left over the first diagram.

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