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[OLD] Label positions in act2


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From: Dimitri Vlassopoulos

Subject: label positions in act2

Dear GWB users, Is it possible to move the predominance area labels in act2? I have noticed that the default positions sometimes are not quite in the right place especially when 2 or more relatively narrow fields are adjacent to each other.

From: Craig Bethke

Subject: Re: label positions in act2

Like most software, the GWB programs have little artistic judgment. To spruce up your plots, select "Edit" -> "Copy to clipboard" fromAct2, Tact, or Gtplot. Then paste the plot into an illustration program like PowerPoint or Canvas. At this point you can grab labels with the mouse and move them to their optimum positions. You can also add new labeling, colored fields behind areas of predominance, and so on to make your plot easier to read.

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