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[OLD] How to export diagrams from Act2


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From: Alexander Neaman

Subject: how to export diagrams from Act2

I am wondering how to export activity-activity diagrams from Act2 in a format suitable to be pasted to Word or Power Point.

Another question:

In a particular diagram in the attached file, the names of the species are superimposed on each other (e.g. AlOH++, Al(OH)2+, and HAlO2 (aq) at the bottom of the diagram are all grouped together). I would like to move them up or down in order to make them readable, but I am not able to figure out how to do it. Any help would be appreciated. I am using GWB 4.0.2, Windows XP.


diagram Al+++ on Al+++ vs pH

x-axis from 0 to 14 increment 1 length 9

y-axis from -10 to 0 increment .5

suppress Diaspore Boehmite

line labels size = 20

From: James Cleverley

Subject: how to export diagrams from Act2

The method I use for publications and presentations is the following. Remove all species/mineral labels from the plot in ACT2 the use Edit > Copy to copy to clipboard. Open up powerpoint and use Edit > Paste > Special > Picture to place a copy onto a powerpoint slide. Then you can simply add labels from within powerpoint. If you really can not get the plot looking the way you want, or you want to combine aspects of several plot then you can view the output file in ACT2 and use the coordinates supplied to reconstruct the diagram in Excel. This is what I have done for journal publications where font consistency is important.


From: Michael C. Adams

Subject: how to export diagrams from Act2

Don't use Photoshop, it will rasterize it. Use adobe illustrator or some such vector drawing program. I just tested it, once you "ungroup" the image, it works fine.


From: Tom Meuzelaar

Subject: how to export diagrams from Act2

To export your image to MS Word, I recommend saving as an EMF file- choose "File- Save Image", and then select the .emf format. The metafile format should be easily read by MicroSoft Word. Regarding the overlapping labels, I don't think there is a way to position them within Act2. Here are some options:

1. Change the axis range (make your x-axis/pH range smaller) so that the labels don't overlap

2. Save the image as a vector file (.eps format), and open them up in PhotoShop (or similar)- the individual items should be movable since the graphic is in vector format.

3. Plot the image without labels - "Plot- Character Sizes", then set "Species Labels" equal to zero. Then save the image in any format, and edit the image in any third-party image manipulation software.

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