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[OLD] Act2 and databases from Minteq, PhreeqC, and Wateq4F


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From: Alexander Neaman

Subject: Act2 and databases from Minteq, PhreeqC, and Wateq4F

I am trying to use Act2 with thermo_minteq_gwb4.dat (please find the script attached). I have an error message: "Act2 stops: wat_lim: lost H2(g). Act2 is ending". Setting Eh value (e.g. to 0.25 V) does not help to solve the problem. Any comments? Does someone else have problems with thermo_minteq_gwb4.dat? I use GWb 4.0.2 and Windows XP Professional.


# Act2 script, saved Thu Dec 18 2003 by Sue Brantley

data = "F:Program FilesGwbGtdatathermo_minteq_gwb4.dat" verify

swap e- for O2(aq)

diagram Al+++ on Al+++ vs H+

Eh = .25

log activity Citrate--- = -3

x-axis from -10 to 0 increment 1

y-axis from -10 to 0 increment 1


From: Craig Bethke

Subject: Re: Act2 and databases from Minteq, PhreeqC, and Wateq4F

Sounds like you might have set the "water limits" option, which is not compatible with the Minteq dataset, since it does not contain H2(g). (There's a reminder to this effect in the notes at the top of the

dataset.) If you uncheck this option on the Options dialog, I think you'll be fixed up.


From: James Cleverley

Subject: Re: Act2 and databases from Minteq, PhreeqC, and Wateq4F

This may be to do with the default name for H2(g) or O2(g) within the data file that you are using. If my memory serves me correctly the water dissociation equation (names of species) are hardwired somehow in the code. I know I had this problem when I defined Oxygen gas as O2(gas) instead of O2(g). Just check O2 and H2 gas in the data file.

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