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[OLD] Redox models using Tact


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From: Laiq Rahman

Subject: redox models using TACT

We are finding it impossible to use code that incorporates a redox aspect in the TACT program but we have no problems with ACT2. The TACT program crashes giving a "segmentation fault" error message when the code incorporates lines setting oxygen fugacities etc. We are using the Solaris version of GWB (v3.0). The example of code below works but crashes if we add a line to fix the O2 activity, i.e. log activity O2(aq) = 1e-40


data = thermo.dat verify

swap H2S(g) for SO4--

diagram Fe++ vs pH

log activity main = -3

log activity Cl- = -3

log fugacity H2S(g) = -3

x-axis from 0 to 14 increment 1

y-axis from 100 to 200 increment 5


From: Craig Bethke

Subject: Re: redox models using TACT

We have sent you an updated version of Tact (3.0.2) that handles redox reactions a little better. However, the immediate problem with the your input script is the line

log activity O2(aq) = 1e-40

You should set either

log activity O2(aq) = -40


activity O2(aq) = 1e-40

to get the result you want.

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