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[OLD] Molar volume of H2S(g)

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From: Scheerhorn, Rosario V

Subject: Molar volume of H2S(g)

I am trying to run React and it's asking for the molar volume of H2S (g). Does anybody know where Ican get that kind of information.


From: Richard Laffers

Subject: Re: Molar volume of H2S(g)

Specific volume of H2S(g) is 0.699 m3/kg, according to

http://www.airliquide.com/en/business/prod...ex.asp?GasID=59. Recalculated to molar volume it is about 23823,248 cm3 per 1 mole of H2S. However, I don't know how to input the molar volume into GWB, since editing dataset doesn't seem to work in this case. Actually, molar volumes of gases depend significantly on temperature - it's not good to constrain gases in volume units. My advice is: use fugacity to constrain H2S(g) in your initial system. If H2S(g) is a reactant in your model, constraining in units other than cm3 should work (e.g. gram, mol, ...)

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