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[OLD] How to obtain mineral saturated states with React


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From: Alexander Neaman

Subject: how to obtain mineral saturated states with React

I am wondering how to obtain the mineral saturated states and the list of all supersaturated phases in the output of React. The option "mineral saturation states" (in "configurations - print options") is set on "long", but the program still does not give the mineral saturation states.I am using React 4.0.3, Windows XP Professional, and the database thermo_minteq_gwb4.

From: Alexander Neaman

Subject: Re: how to obtain mineral saturated states with React

I apologize for multiple e-mails. Attached please find an input file. I was meaning "mineral saturation indexes" (not "mineral saturation states").

# React script, saved Mon Jan 26 2004 by Administrator

data = "C:Program FilesGwbGtdatathermo_minteq_gwb4.dat" verify

temperature = 30

swap "O2 (g)" for O2(aq)

1 kg free H2O

fugacity "O2 (g)" = .2

total mmolar Na+ = 17.98

total mmolar NO3- = 17.6

total mmolar Mg++ = .62

total mmolar SO4-- = .62

balance on Cl-

total mmolar Cl- = .48

total mmolar Citrate--- = .13

total mmolar CO3-- = .19

pH = 9

total mmolar Fe+++ = .05

total mmolar Ca++ = .455

total umolar PO4--- = .46


printout alphabetical species = long minerals = long basis = long reactions = long plot = character

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