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I am trying the feature of constant capacitance model for sorption on iron oxide so I took the example input ‘surface.rea’ from your user’s manual and input the surface capacitance at 2 F/m2 as you can see in the attached input. I expected that the output should indicates that every step should have a constant charge and potential ratio and equals to 2 F/m2. But apparently it is not the case as shown in the attached output, e.g., the starting system has a surface charge = 5.23 uC/cm2 and the potential 53.4 mV so the ratio is 0.98 F/m2 and also the output shows a varying capacitance but not constant. Did I miss something here? I thought it should be straightforward?

The constant potential model runs as expected though.

I am using the latest version GWB pro 17.0.1 and both the database and the surface data are from those provided by the code.


Very much looking forwards to hearing from you,

CCM Surface.rea CCM Q React_output.txt

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