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GWB on Linux - An Overview

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Since GWB does not natively run on Linux you have emulate Windows to get GWB running. So far I have tested two options: VMWare and Crossover Office. There is a slight difference between the two.


In VMWare you install Windows as your virtual machine and then install GWB as you would in Windows. There are no major problems I know about, however, I recommend a fast machine for VMWare to operate fast enough. The cost is ~190USD (http://www.vmware.com).


Crossover Office (based on Wine), on the other hand, will trick GWB (and a lot of other Windows programs) into believing it is being installed and run on Windows. While being a more efficient of the two, this option has more problems. As of now, it works but with numerous issues. It is possible that in the future (perhaps as soon as end of this year) GWB will run smoothly on COO/Linux. I am an official "advocate" for GWB at Codeweavers Compatibility Center. Please see http://www.asmirnov.org/os/gwb for details, screenshots and most up-to-date information. The cost is ~40 USD (http://www.codeweavers.com).


Please let me know (alex[at]asmirnov.org) if you have any questions/suggestions/experience with anything mentioned above.

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