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Evaporation of saline solutions containing Al3+ and Fe3+


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From: GOLDEN, D. C.

Subject: Evaporation of saline solutions containing Al3+ and Fe3+

I am trying to simulate the evaporation of acidic aqueous solutions containing Na, K, Mg, Ca, Mg, sulfate, Al and Fe. I use the flow through model of the React2 in GWB 4.0.3. I tried to use the data base for the Harvie-Moller-Weare activity model provided in the above package. When I include Al and Fe in the Basis, it responds : Al3+ not in the database, and similarly for Fe3+. Is there a data base for high ionic product solutions which takes into account these ions? How do I update the existing database to include these ions? If any one can help or give suggestions, I will appreciate it very much.

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