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2. Posting a message to the GWB Support Forum

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To post your own message, go to the GWB Support Forum - if you are not logged in, you will see the following screen:




Click on the Log In button, enter your username and password, and you should see confirmation that you are now logged in:




Next, navigate to the forum where you wish to post your message, and click on the New Topic button, found on the right side of your screen (below the list of subforums, and above the list of message threads):




The rest is simple- fill in a Topic Title, and enter the content of your message in the white textbox area. You'll note there are plenty of options for editing and formatting your post:




Finally, click on the Post New Topic button (or Preview Post if you want to see how your message looks first), and you're done!




You should now see your message displayed in the forum you chose. Once the message is posted, you can still add/remove/modify content- just located the Edit button below and to the right of your message:




For instructions on using attachments in your thread, visit the next thread: Creating attachments.

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