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3. Creating attachments

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If you want to include datasets, images or sample files with your post to help you more clearly describe your support issue, look for the Attachments section before clicking on the Post New Topic button or if you've already posted your message, by using the Full Edit option (refer back to the previous thread called Posting a Message for more information). The Attachments section is located immediately below and to the left of the text area you used to describe your support issue:




In the far right of this section, look for the Browse button. Clicking on Browse will allow you to select the first attachment from your hard drive:




Once you've selected your file, click on Upload, and you'll see the following confirmation that your attachment has uploaded successfully:




To select additional attachments, repeat the above process. You'll be able to view and manage all your attachments via the Manage Current Attachments drop-down box:




Once finished, click on the Post New Topic button, and your attachments will be available for others to view/download.


Once you've created a new post, you'll probably want to receive notification when someone has posted a reply. For instructions on receiving email notification, visit the next thread: How to get instant notification when someone responds to your post.

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