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Windows Vista compatibility

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Apr 5 2007, 10:18 AM

I just purchased a new computer running Windows Vista. I have an upgrade version of GWB v. 6 that requires me to first install v. 4. However, I've tried to install v. 4 twice and the install program keeps freezing up; I think it happens when it starts to install the HASP dongle. Is the HASP driver known to be incompatible with Windows Vista? Or is it just the version 4 install program that is incompatible? Have people been able to install GWB v. 6 in Vista?


John Ayers


Apr 16 2007, 02:42 PM

I received the full install CD for version 6.0.2. Unfortunately I still experience the same problem: The installation proceeds smoothly until 77% complete when it tries to install "gwbsymbol.ttf"; it never gets past that stage, and eventually the window says "Not responding", and I have to use Task Manager to End the Task. Has anyone been able to install GWB in Windows Vista? - John



Apr 17 2007, 09:37 AM

Hi John:


This sounds like a separate issue. We've encountered this error in the past as being related to permissions during installation. The error occurs when GWB tries to write True Type Fonts into the C:\Windows\Fonts directory. This is a system directory that already exists prior to installation (ie. GWB does not create this). The error occurs when GWB does not have permissions to write to this system folder. In my limited experience with Windows Vista, permissions/security issues seem to come up much more frequently.


My first suggestion is to make sure that you have system administrator rights during installation. Alternatively, you can change the folder permissions so that whoever is installing has access to it during the installation.


If neither of the above work, we should have the new Windows Vista compatible version available towards the end of today.







Apr 17 2007, 11:21 AM



We just posted a Windows Vista compliant patch for v6 on our support site - see the download for v6.0.5 here.


Since you're having trouble with the entire installation, please email me tom[at]rockware[dot]com, and I will provide a download link for the full installation version. Hopefully this will get us over the hump.






Apr 18 2007, 07:07 AM

The problem did not seem to be with permissions to the fonts folder, as I was logged on with Administrator privileges. I was able to successfully install the full installation version of the Vista compatible 6.0.5. However, now I have a different problem. Although I have the dongle in the serial port of my port replicator I get the message "Cannot find license file" when I try to start a GWB program. Any suggestions? - John



Apr 18 2007, 07:46 AM

Hi John:


This is another common problem- to my knowledge, using dongles on port replicators simply doesn't work. There's an easy solution- send us your parallel port lock, and we'll replace it with a USB lock.


If you don't mind emailing me again, we can set this up.


Best regards,




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