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Databases from Minteq, PhreeqC, and Wateq4F

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[admin notice: the below is from the former GWB users group email distribution list. This message was originally posted 9/29/2003]


Posted by: Craig Bethke


We have converted the thermodynamic databases from the following

software packages to the GWB format:

• Visual Minteq release 2.20

• PhreeqC release 2.8

• Wateq4F


These databases will be included in the upcoming release 5.0 of the GWB.


All databases can be downloaded here.


Important note: there are two versions of each of the databases. The

first version, marked "_gwb4", is for use with current GWB releases

(4.0.x). In this case, the GWB programs will use the default activity

model (the debye-Huckel B-dot equations) to calculate activity

coefficients. As such, the speciations predicted will differ slightly

from those reported by the original application (Minteq, etc.).


The second version of each is intended for use with future releases

of the GWB (5.0 and later). The GWB applications, used with these

versions, will employ the same methods for calculating activity

coefficients as the original applications, and so the results given

will be more precisely comparable.

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