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LiCl log K in Minteq

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[admin notice: the below is from the former GWB users group email distribution list. This message was originally posted 11/29/2005]


Posted by: Kevin Leecaster


I noticed that LiCl is expected to precipitate at less than 5 ppm Li and see that the log K in Minteq.dat is -6.78. Assuming that the negative sign is a typing error gives more reasonable results.




Posted by: Craig Bethke


Hi Kevin,


An update to your query. I received this morning the following prompt response from Prof. Jon Petter Gustafsson of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm:


Thanks very much for your letter. I have taken a look at the LiCl(s) entry in the database, and it seems quite unrealistic, as the student points out correctly. The solubility of LiCl(s) should be as high as somewhere around 55 g LiCl / 100 g H2O. This error is in fact in the NIST Critical Stability constants database, so the reason why it ended up in the Visual MINTEQ database is simply due to the fact that I did not check the constants carefully enough when I included them into MINTEQ.


So, I would recommend the deletion of the LiCl(s) entry from the database!


Hope this helps,



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