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Ionbalance and watertype


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I am a new user of Geochemist's Workbench and i wonder if there is possible to find percentage ionbalance and watertype directly?? Or do we have to calculate the percentage ionbalance? If so, do anyone know how?




You would have to calculate charge imbalance - in React or SpecE8, speciate your water keeping charge balance turned off. In the output area of the Run tab, GWB will report charge imbalance in faradays- a faraday is a mole of charge. You can compute charge imbalance from this.


To determine your water type, just look at the concentrations of major cation and anion components in your Basis input.


In GWB v8, both of these values will be reported directly.


I hope that helps,


Tom Meuzelaar

RockWare, Inc.

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