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  1. The output file works now. For the non-integer increment, I did not succeed with expr command. It just could not recognize it somehow. But I change the unit of reacted calcite to mg. Then change the increment to 500. 500 mg is 0.5 g anyway. Problem solved anyway. Thanks a lot, Jia!
  2. Hi Jia, This very helpful. I successfully reported results in the command panel. The final results of each run is what we need for now. I added one more variable (changing calcite to react) in the script and I have two more questions regarding the updated script (noted below). Question 1: How do I react non-integral amount of calcite? I tried to put expr{$j+0.5} directly in the react command but it would not work. I also tried to set a new variable input_cal as $j+0.5 and put $input_cal in React, did not work. eval Calcite= $input_cal did not work either with React. The only way wo
  3. Thanks. The Notepad was exactly what I was asking. I tried to add a few loops to change the CO2(aq) input. It seems it did run for 11 iterations in the Result panel (with 11 successful reaction paths and 116 steps in each path. However, when I click the view results, it only gave me the most recent reaction path results. How do I report result after each iteration? Currently, I don't even know if the CO2(aq) is changing in each iteration... the result panel only shows the general status of each iteration. For example, if I want to report pH at step #0 of each CO2(aq) input, my script is
  4. Hi, I am doing a reaction path modeling in React. React 5 minerals with a ground water and see the equilibrium status with different fixed CO2(aq) concentrations. I am trying to change the CO2(aq) input from 0 to 1.2 mol/kg (and other parameters in the future). I did this manually for 10 input concentrations and realized it's labor-intensive. The results we want are the Step #0 and the last Step. I have to open the txt result file and manually find these two steps. I learnt that I can write script in GWB command window to add in some loops to run and report in batches. I got stuck in the first
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