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Change output minerals sequence

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Hello. I recently upgraded my GWB from 10.0 to the latest version. One thing in the new version that bothers me a lot is the Minerals sequence in the output variables. In previous 10.0 version, the output Minerals list sequence started from primary minerals in the input, followed by whatever secondary precipitations that appear first in time or reaction progress. It was quite simple to check what new minerals are forming and in what stage, because new minerals are always in the last rows.

However, in the  new version, the output Minerals are sorted in alphabetic sequence. I have to compare very carefully with my primary mineral list to check what secondary minerals are there, because they are now in between each other. This bothers me a lot when I have many primary minerals. And I cannnot easily tell which mineral appear first by looking at the drop-down list, unless I plot all the minerals out and compare. 

I wonder if there is a way to bring the previous mineral list sequence back. Or can you include that in the next update? Thank you very much.

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Thank you for your thoughts and feedback on the program. This change is one of many updates to the software year about a decade ago. At this point, many other features in the program have been built upon this, and it would be very difficult to revert back to older behavior.

Best regards,
Jia Wang
Aqueous Solutions LLC

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