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Patrice de Caritat

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I imported a fairly large dataset into GSS, and want to run SpecE8 on it. How do I specify an analyte for charge balancing (e.g., Cl-) in GSS?


Hi Patrice:


If you speciate your dataset via the Data -> Calculate menu in GSS, there's no provision for charge balancing (although you can calculate a charge imbalance and manually adjust one of your component concentrations based on this). If you speciate multiple samples using the Analysis -> Launch menu option, then simply set charge balance for an analyte as you normally would in SpecE8 when the first instance of SpecE8 comes up. The charge balance will be automatically set to the same analyte for subsequent instances, although you can change any instance if you'd like.


I hope that helps,


Tom Meuzelaar

RockWare, Inc.

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