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Adding Cr to the isotope.dat

Mahta Ansari

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I have been trying to add Cr to the isotope data and I have been following the same format as the rest of the elements in the file. However,  when I want to use it in react the Cr doesn't show up in the isotope tab. Is there some step that I am missing in order to read in the isotope.dat file in react? Attached you can find the edited isotope.dat file




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Hello Mahta,

I took a quick look at your isotope data file and didn't come across any issues. I suspect that the new dataset is not loaded into React. To check to see if the right file is loaded into React, you can go to File --> View and select the isotope file that is currently being used. The file should open in a text editor and you can check if the data you added is in here. By default, the GWB is set up to load the isotope data file from the Gtdata folder where the program is installed. If you created a copy of your isotope.dat file and placed it elsewhere on your machine, you would need to load it into React. You can do this by going to File --> Isotope Data... and then select the file or simply drag and drop the isotope.dat file into a React instance. 

If this doesn't help, can you provide more details regarding the issue you're encountering? Please include input scripts and relevant customized databases. 

Hope this helps,
Jia Wang

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