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Constraining reactions to specific locations along flow paths in x1t

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I am wondering how to constrain a kinetic  mineral dissolution/precipitation reaction to a specific region of a 1-D flow path. I know how to do this for a reaction I want to constrain to the beginning or the end of a flow path, but what if I want to have the reaction only occurring in the middle of the path? Also, what if I want to have the reaction happen at the beginning and then again at the end, but not along the middle of the flow path? For example, the following portion of a script for calcite and dolomite dissolution/precipitation along a specified portion of a flow path does not work (see attached). 

I know I could write a C++ library to do these kinds of manipulations, but I'd rather not have to do so if I can simple change the syntax of my x1t script.

Constraining locations of reactions in x1t.jpg

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Hey Karen, 

I was attempting to input the above script into my model, and I stumbled across a "node by node" function in the mineral "mass" box. If you select "node by node", where you select "volume%" as your units, you can change the volume percent of the mineral in each node of your model. Maybe this was part of a recent update.


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