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Can I use a header or trailer command in GSS to set the temperature at which mineral SIs are calculated?

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Hello, I have a number of samples in GSS. I would like to calculate the saturation index (SI) of some minerals for all the samples for a few temperatures...i.e. calculate the SI of calcite for all samples at 25C, then 50C, etc. I have GSS set up so that calcite SI is an analyte to be calculated. I know I can manually enter the temperature for each sample in GSS and re-calculate the calcite SI. But, I am hoping that I can use a header or trailer command (under Analysis>Options) so that the new temperature applies to the SI calculation for all samples. I didn't find anything in the manual or GWB Forum, and I tried myself using various commands such as Temperature = 80, but no luck.


Andrew Wigston

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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Hello Andrew,

Adding a trailer command "temperature = 80" should work. Perhaps the change wasn't saved? Can you double check in the Options dialog by clicking Apply or Ok? After adding the trailer command, did you recalculate calcite saturation? The spreadsheet won't automatically update so you have to trigger the recalculation by right clicking on calcite and select 'Recalculate Analyte'. 

If this doesn't help, please attach an example GSS file so we can take a further look. 

Hope this helps,
Jia Wang

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