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Mixing samples in GSS

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Hi Geoff,

I'm guessing you launched React at some point prior to mixing. GSS passes the "precip off" command to React in this case by default, so that calculations more closely match those you might make within the spreadsheet, which doesn't account for precipitation (SpecE8 does the work within GSS). The command is passed via a "trailer command", which you can see in the Analysis > Launch... or Analysis > Options... dialogs. The trailer commands (you might choose a specific ion for charge balancing, for example) in general are saved for other calculations within GSS, like calculating analytes and mixing, but unfortunately this command is valid only for React. You can go to Analysis > Options... before you begin mixing to remove the "precip off" command.

Hope this helps,

Brian Farrell
Aqueous Solutions

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Hi Brian

I run into the same problem with mixing two fluids - the results that I got seems to point to precipitation of minerals. I tried adding a command not to precipitate but the mixing will not push through.

I have just recently upgraded to GWB2023 and I have not encountered this issue with my previous GWB version. I've attached two files for reference. I did the same process of mixing as before but the in the new GWB2023, I got wrong results vs. the previous one I did with the older GWB2018 version. I did run the previous mixing data I have and this time got the same wrong results.




plot_Mixing_scrubber condensate and LP brine.gss

Mix Fluid 1 and LP brine.gss

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Hi Farrell,

GSS doesn't do precipitation, so there's no need to explicitly add the React command "precip off", and, in fact, it's not allowed. Just remove the command and the calculation should work.

When you say "wrong results", do you mean there are none, because the calculation failed? Or are some values different?



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